Royalty Tray is for all my purple lovers out there. It is the jeweled-toned colors, plus copper wire and beads to set everything off. The copper wire is easy to twine in , as it is soft and flexible. The other beads are glass. Tray is woven with several size of cotton cord. Outside edge can be left round or pinched into an octagon shape. Recommended for all levels.

Measures 4" wide x 1 1/8" deep.

Price $30.00
Snow Flake - Twine this delightful new tray that is sparkling with different white and crystal beads. Several sizes of cotton cord are used as well as several sizes of beads. A light blue color is used to enhance the feeling of snow. Beads are used in the center of this tray - a new technique to my kits. Size 4-1/2" across x ½" deep.
th slight curve

Price $30

The black tray has copper wire. The beads in the black tray are copper and crystal beads that is half copper. These are gorgeous beads.
Sparkle - This tray is brand new and you will love making it. It has really neat beads which reflect the light and also softer wire to twine in. The tray is woven from the front and is almost flat. Measures - 4-1/4" across X almost flat.

Price $30


The teal tray has light teal wire, larger crystal beads and also a somewhat transparent bead that is silver lined and has a slight lavender color. The cream color and the teal wire creates the design in the center.
Southwest Sun - Southwest sun is a warm Arizona/New Mexico flavored Tray. It is woven with two sizes of waxed cotton cord and complementing glass beads. It is simple, yet striking in appearance. It is for all levels of weaving.

Measures - 4" across X 1-1/4" deep

Price $30
Spirit Tray - This earthy tray with definite Southwest colors draws you in to it. The striking teal blue against the rusty tan colors remind me of Sedona, Arizona, when I was there a few years ago. The earth there is this terra cotta color - it is just beautiful. The large black beads stand out against the soft teal beads that follow. A kit sure to please. It is recommended for all levels. $30

Measures - 4-1/4" across x 1-1/4" deep

Price $30
Turquoise Mine - This tray is strikingly beautiful. It is the same pattern as Copper Mine, but with different beads and a softer driftwood color to help define it’s gentle look. All the beads are glass, except for the copper cubes. The beautiful clear beads with copper overlay are also in this tray. You will love those beads. All of it together makes for a striking basket. Recommended for intermediate weavers and above.

Measures - 4-1/2" across x 1" deep

Price $35
Wisteria - Enjoy the many shades of wisteria in this neat tray. Wisteria is twined with several sizes of cotton cord. Matching glass beads further lend to its look. Recommended for all levels. Size 4-1/4" across x 1-1/8" deep.

Size 4-1/4" across x 1-1/8" deep.

Price $30