Amish Quilt - This tray contains many colors of the beautiful Amish quilts you see today. It is woven with 1mm cotton cord. The beads are all glass. The beads cause the tray to pucker as you weave, to give it the unique shape that it has. This tray is for all levels.
Size: 4-1/4" across x 1-1/4" deep.

Price $30.00



Copper Mine -   4-1/2"  X 1" deep This tray is strikingly beautiful.  It is twined with several sizes of cotton cord.  The center and on out, are twined with copper wire.  This gives it a reflection against the glass faceted beads and the copper cubes.  I found some wonderful beads that are clear with a half copper overlay - they are also in the basket and again, reflect against the other beads.  All the beads are glass except for the copper cubes.  Recommended for intermediate and above weavers.

Measures - 4-1/2"  X 1" deep

Price $35.00



Dahlia - I found this beautiful picture of a Dahlia and decided to make a basket that looked as much like it as I could and this is the result.  It is woven with glass beads and waxed cotton cord in several sizes.  It is for all levels.  The beads cause the puckering - all to give it it’s unique look.  Recommended for all levels.

Price $ 30.00

Kaleidoscope Tray ---The purple and teal weaving literally pop against a black background. The complimenting beads are glass. Kaleidoscope is twined with 1/2mm and 1mm cotton cord. The beads cause the undulating effect of the weaving and also the slight puckering effect. The basket is woven round, then the eight corners are accentuated by pinching them. Kaleidoscope is recommended for all levels - some previous twining with waxed threads is recommended. 

Size - 4-3/8" across x 1 5/16" deep.   

Price $30.00

Lazuli - Lazuli has a royal tapestry look. The center and an outer row are twined with copper wire. The wire reflects off of the beads to give it a jeweled look. The beads are all glass in several sizes. Lazuli is twined with several sizes of jeweled tone colors of waxed cotton cord. The tray is recommended for intermediate and above.

Measures - 4" across x 1/2" deep

Price $30.00

Limelight Tray - Brand new colors of waxed cotton cord are used in this very cool looking tray.  Woven in are several sizes of beads which match and compliment.  The glass beads are several sizes and cause the tray to pucker and give the tray a fluid effect.  This tray is recommended for all weaving levels.   

Size 4" across x 1-1/4" deep.

Price  $ 30.00

Painted Desert - The earthy colors in this basket reminded me of the Painted Desert when I was there so very many years ago. It has that distinctive Southwest feel. Woven with Cotton Cord and 7 ply waxed linen threads. All beads are glass. Recommended for all levels.  
Size - 4-1/4" across x 1-1/4" deep.

Price $ 30.00

Royal Jewels - This brand new tray has all the colors of royalty and it's jewels.  Unusual colors generally not used together, make up this striking basket.  Several sizes of glass beads cause the undulation that you see.  This basket is for all levels, but not suggested for your first basket with waxed cords.  Size - 4-3/8" across x 1-1/4" deep.

Price $30.00

Waxed Cotton Cord Tray Kits
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Cheyenne is a soft reflection of the Southwest, yet somewhat bold.  The black
beads are faceted glass.  The other beads are glass in several sizes.  Cheyenne is twined with waxed cotton cord in 3 sizes.  The tray is recommended for all levels of weaving. Size 4" across x 1/2" deep.

Price $30.00

Antique Lace - This beautiful new tray is done in a brand new color of turquoise cotton cord. The tray is woven with 1mm cotton cord. The beads are varying sizes and are all glass. The silver lined beads near the top rim appear to light up as you turn the tray. This tray is recommended for all levels.  

Size - 4-1/2" across x 1-1/4" deep

Price $30

Palmetto - Palmetto tray is twined with soft, warm colors. It  is woven with 7 ply waxed linen and cotton cord. The beads are all glass in several sizes. The beads cause the puckering that give the tray its undulating shape. Palmetto is for all levels.

Size 4-1/4" across x 1-1/8" deep.

Price 30.00

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Blue Bayou - This striking new tray consists of waxed cotton cord in three
sizes and glass beads in several sizes.  The different sets of beads cause
the weave pattern to undulate.  Blue Bayou is slightly larger than most of
my trays, measuring almost five inches across.  The colors and beads
mesh together perfectly.  If you are a purple and or blue lover, you
will especially love this tray.

Size - 4-7/8" across X 1" deep   

Price  $33