Mesa is done in the traditional Native American colors of tan black and dark red. This beautiful combination of colors, plus the matching beads give the basket it’s striking look. Beads are glass at the top and copper beads are centered in the arrow. The beads at the top cause the ruffle to happen and then a little pinching gives the top definition. Mesa is recommended for the intermediate and above weaver.

Measures 3-3/8" high x 3-1/2" across.

Price $35.00

Missoula Basket has several things that are different - it has a four braided handle and some interesting weaving in the center of the basket side. It is woven with 1/2mm and 1mm cotton cord. Glass beads embellish the sides. You will also get to learn to do four-braiding, to create your own handle, complete with drawings to walk you through it. Handle is attached by stitching it on. This is recommended for the intermediate weaver and above, of waxed threads.

Size - Basket only - 2-3/4" high x 2-5/8" across. With handle approx - 4-5/8" high

Northwest Coast Basket is twined with waxed cotton cord. It's striking bold look give you the feel of the Pacific Northwest. The entire bottom is done in the cotton cord as well as much of the sides of the basket. It has simple, clean lines that are easy to twine, yet it is a basket that even the most accomplished weaver would cherish making. Recommended for all levels of weaving.

Measures 3-1/2" high and 4" across at it's wide

Price $36.00

Pima was created in June 2004. It has a smooth tapestry look with designs that flow one to another - almost interlocking. There are no beads contained with the basket, only on the embellishment. Different threads, sizes of threads and weaves create the tapestry look. The basket is an exercise in learning different designs. Once you are finished, leather lacing is then "woven" onto the top portion of the basket with the design being the same, inside and out. Glass beads adorn the leather embellishment. Pima is recommended for the intermediate or above weaver.

Measures 3" tall and 3 3/8" wide

Price 33.00


Pinata' is another on of the series of baskets that has a strong Southwest Mexican flavor. All the colors reminded me of the Pinatas' of Mexico with all of their bright colors that light up a room. The basket is almost entirely woven with waxed polyester and cotton cord. It contains glass beads. The beads slide on the spokes and cause the obvious puckering that gives the basket it's neat shape. The basket is 3-3/8" tall and 3-7/8" wide at the top shoulder of the basket. The opening is 2-1/4" across. This was a really fun basket to make and to watch it change from row to row. This basket is for the intermediate to advanced weaver.
th slight curve

Price $36.00

Plains Pottery - I wanted to create another pottery looking basket. There are three beautiful colors together. The tan and terra cotta pop out against the white designs. The two sets of complementing beads are glass and are two different sizes. The beads create an undulating effect in the basket. A number of designs are incorporated and uses all four things you can do when you twine. This basket is recommended for all levels.

Measures 3-1/4" high X 4-1/4" across

Price $36.00

Sedona Pottery Basket was created in August, 2005. It has a soft reflective look of the desert Southwest, along with the shape of Southwestern pottery. The two groups of beads give the basket a gentle, yet definite undulation. Sedona Pottery is done in waxed cotton cord and linen threads. Measurements are given all along in the basket's construction, so that you will know you are on track. This basket is recommended for the intermediate and above weavers.

Measures 3" high and 4-1/4" across

Price $36.00
Senoia basket is twined with 6 & 7 ply waxed threads and measures 3" high x 3-1/4" across. Striped beads of dark red, black and tan create the swirls on the lower part of the basket. The swirls of beads also create puckering that give the basket a rippled effect. The striped beads are repeated on the ruffled top, as well as black cubes and brushed copper beads. The basket has three designs as well as beads placements and is suggested for all levels of weavers.

Price $34.00
Sequatchie was created in May 2005. It is done in Native American colors of red, tan and black. It is woven entirely in 7 ply waxed linen threads and cotton cord. The beads are glass and solid copper. It has simple lines yet has a striking appearance. The two sets of beads cause a slight undulation on the basket's surface. This basket is best for the intermediate (and above) experienced weaver.

Measures 4" high x 3-1/2" across.

Swirls is a twined basket that is woven with cotton cord, light and dark blue waxed polyester. The basket contains size 8 glass beads. The beads slide onto the spokes and each row the beads move forward one spoke to create the cobweb effect of the weaving . The basket is for all levels of weaving.

Measures 3-1/4" high and 3-5/8" wide, with an opening of 2-1/2" across

Price $36.00

Terra Cotta - I have a number of old Native American pots, which I just love to have around me. I wanted to create a basket that had the same type designs and still looked like pottery. Long ago, I purchased some red pipe stone beads. This is the stone that Native Americans used to carve figures, and particularly pipes. I had to create a place to use them and they are part of the embellishment on this basket. The basket also has tea dyed bone beads, to make them look old and also glass beads. Bone hair pipe is also part of the embellishment. There is a new design for you to experience, not hard, just a new design. This basket is recommended for all levels, but should not be a first basket for those who have not made some of my other baskets.

Measures 3-3/8" high x 3-3/8" across

Price $37.00

Taos is twined with colors of the Southwest and include some brand new designs. The basket is mostly woven with waxed cotton cord and some waxed linen 7 ply thread. The spokes are also cotton cord. It is a wonderful basket for weavers of all levels with a lot of design variations. All four twining possibilities are included in the basket. The basket is embellished with 6/0 glass beads and genuine turquoise tabs.

Measures 4" high and 3-3/4" wide


Wild Violets was created in July 2004. It reminded me of small wild violets that grew in the woods in North Georgia, where I lived for so very long. It has an earthy and calming look to it. I think it will make a lot of my "purple" people happy. It has several designs as well as several groups of beads. The groups of beads make it gently pucker. It is woven with cotton cord. It is recommended for all levels.

Measures 3 1/4" tall and 4" wide

Price $34.00