Adobe Blue - Many of the doors in Arizona and New Mexico are painted this light turquoise blue, particularly the adobe styled houses. The doors really stand out against the adobe color. I wanted to create a basket with that look. I added the rope pattern in this basket, which represents the doors and it is against the terra cotta color of the adobe. The tan color in the bottom represents the earth there. The beads are two sizes and are glass. Adobe Blue is recommended for all levels.

Measures 3" High x 3" Across

Price $35
Amarillo Basket was created in November, 2003. It is twined with waxed cotton cord . The basket is done in the Native American colors of Tan, Black and Red. All beads slide onto the spokes to create a swirl pattern with slight puckering because of the beads. Beads are glass and solid copper. Amarillo has three woven designs, including the one in the bottom. Amarillo is for the intermediate experienced weaver of waxed linen. Solid copper and glass beads complete the basket's look.

3-1/2" high x 3-3/4: across

Price $35.00
Beginings Basket is a great beginner basket to those new to waxed linen. It will teach you the four different weaves possible when twining. They are: a solid line, rows that stack, rows that swirl to the rightand rows that swirl to the left. It has a border that looks braided but is a simple technique that is repeated three times. The basket is done in traditional Native American colors of tan, black and red. It is 2-1/2" tall and 2-1/2" wide. It contains 48 spokes. The entire basket is waxed cotton cord.

3-1/2" high x 3-3/4: across


Candy Corn - Try your hand at this delightfully colored basket. It brings back warm memories of candy corn from long ago. The colors pop against a black background. Basket is woven with 1mm heavier cotton cord spokes and 1/2mm & 1mm cottom cord. Matching beads are incorporated within, to create undulation and slight puckering of the basket. Candy Corn is recommenended for all levels, but not as a first basket.

Size - 3-1/8" high x 3-3/4" across

Price $35.00
Canyon Road is a light, airy, Southwest flavored basket. The whirling sun graces the bottom, while Southwest designs and matching beads adorn it's side. The beads are glass and it also has copper disc. Once the basket is finished, a zig-zag pattern is stitched onto the top to add to the Southwest look. Hand cut leather lacing embellishes the side with matching beads on each of the pieces. The basket measures 2-3/4" high and is 3-5/8" wide. Canyon Road is for the intermediate to advanced weaver of waxed line.

Price $38.00
Casa Grande Basket is twined almost totally with waxed cotton cords. The basket is done in off white and tan threads only with no beads. The two colors give the basket a very pristine, simple but elegant look. Casa Grande is for the intermediate to advanced weaver. It could be for the beginning weaver who has done several waxed linen baskets previously.

Measures 2-1/2" tall and almost 4" across at the wide

Price $32
Casa Grande II - The original Casa Grande basket has been a very popular basket. While playing around one day - I decided to see what it would look like in black and white. It was then taken to a convention and many people wanted a kit of it - so Casa Grande II became one of the "group". The basket measures 2-1/2" tall and almost 4" across at the widest point. It is identical to "One", but in black and white cotton cord and embellished with dark red glass beads and black dangles. This is a fun basket to make. Recommended for all levels.

Price $34.00
Chimayo is a larger basket than most of the basket kits. It comes in 7 ply waxed linen and has copper and glass beads. It's graceful pottery shape has several thread designs and several beaded designs, so that you get to experience both. The beads cause the basket to pucker at the top in the fluted "puffs". Since the basket has some shaping, it is recommended for the intermediate and above level.

Measures 3-1/4" high by 4-5/8" wide

Price $36.00

Keweenaw has a warm Western Southwest flavor. It is twined completely with 7 ply waxed linen and glass beads. It measures 3" high and 3 1/2" across. It has a number of special beads, including a fire polished faceted discs. Because of various groups of beads, the basket has more undulation. The weaver will get to experience the ever changing shape, which makes it fun to create. This basket is suggested for the intermediate and above weavers.

Price $37.00
LaMaya is twined in only two colors. It is a simple yet striking design. It came from an idea of making a basket that was shaped like some of my favorite pottery. It had to be low with a rounded bottom, curved sides that quickly came in and then a short neck. Beads were added in the bottom to achieve a "hex" shape, to give it definition. Those beads then accentuated the woven design in the bottom of the basket. A row of solid copper beads was added as a mid-line effect. A simple, but bold wreath encircles the baskets upper portion. The same color was then woven as the neck, to accentuate the wreath. Once the basket was finished, the neck was "pinched" to form a repeating "hex" pattern to bring the basket totally together.

Measures 2-1/8" high and 4-3/8" across

Price $34.00

Madeira is a colorful basket that reminds you of the Southwest. It has simple lines, yet a striking effect. It is done completely in cotton cord and measures 3 1/2" across and 2 3/4" high . The beads are glass. The open effect of the swirling beads has a cobweb look, to give the basket an open airy feel. The bottom has the look of a "swirling sun". The basket was created with beginning weavers in mind. The swirled beads also give the basket some undulation and create waves, even in the above weaving.

Price $30.00
Southwest Burden Basket

This striking Southwest Burden Basket is brand new and very different from my normal kits. The basket is twined with two sizes of waxed cotton cord. Four different twined designs adorn it’s sides. All the suede leather is hand cut for you and all the tinkle cones are also all handmade for you. The cones are created from snuff lids (reproduced) that are cut and rolled into shape. Native Americans used the snuff lids to make their cones, just as it is done here. You will love the sound of the tinkling cones, just as they did, also. Height - about 15" including strap and dangles

Large Burden Basket

Height of basket alone - 4-3/4"
Width across top - 4-3/4"
Width across top - 4-3/4"

Price $40.00

Small Burden Basket

Basket Size - 2-5/8" high X 2-3/4" across
Total length, including leather strap with cones attached - 8-1/2"

Price $28.00
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