Size of Gourds will vary.

Dancing ‘Round the Fire/w center hole - A scene is wood burned into your gourd that has two tee-pees, two people with a fire in between, a tree, horses, deer, mountains and of course a moon.  The gourd is completely cleaned, stained and wood burned.  Holes are drilled for you to coil on the top of it.  You can choose variegated thread or solid color thread.  Both are adorned with hand cut leather lacing and a hand cut leather feather.



Solid-Pick a Color
Variegated-pick 2 or 3 colors

Dancing 'Round the Fire/w Twisted Handle - This whimsical gourd baskets has the entire camping scence wood burned onto the gourd.  It has tee-pees, mountains, the moon, two people dancing around the fire, deer, horses and a tree. The gourd has been thoroughly cleaned, cut, shaped, sanded, holes drilled and stained for you. It comes with variegated thread and matching beads. The handle is twisted to give it an extra effect. Fun to make and fun to look at, too.

Solid-Pick a Color

Ancient One - I wanted to create a larger gourd with old type First American designs on it.  The gourd you will receive will be the same as the the picture and are wood burned on.  The top is undulating with different size hills and valleys.  All beads will be black but you can choose the color you wish.  I have over 300 colors of solid color threads.  The top is coiled with two rows over larger paper rush. Hand cut leather adorns the side.

Price $30.00

Pick a Color

Dancing Goats Wall Pocket - Your gourd will be totally prepared for you, including the wood burned goats on the front. You can choose from many, many colors of thread. Beads will match the color you decide on. The coiling is done first and it is a row and a half. Then you will add the beads. They look hard but are really simple to do. They look like half of a zipper when finished. The handle is four braided. Enough material will be included to make the handle longer or shorter if you desire. The long ends of the handle ends are knotted at various levels for more effect.

Actual gourd is about 6-1/2" long but will vary slightly. Total size of the pocket is 9-1/4" (this includes the handle)

Price $30.00

Pick a Color

Fairy Gourd Necklace - The wonderfully small gourds become a necklace with coiling around the top.  You can add beads all the way around or maybe a row and a half.  You can pick basic color of variegated thread and matching beads are included.  Waxed cotton cord (½ mm) is four braided to create a sliding neck cord.  The ends of the neck cord hang down the sides of the gourd.  You also receive a mixture of matching beads to add to the ends.  These have been very popular and comments will be yours when you wear your necklace.

Price $22.00

Pick 2 or 3 Colors

Fairy Wall Pocket - Small - I found these fat little, wonderful gourds and just knew they were perfect to fit on a small wall or a favorite spot. The gourd will be totally prepared for you. There are two and one half rows of coiling of variegated threads on top of the gourd. Beads are added in the ½ row at the back of the gourd. The “handle” is four-braided with ½ mm cotton cord. All the ends of the cotton cord are embellished with a mixture of beads that match the coiling colors.  Beads will be matched to color of thread you pick. 

Price $23.00


Pick 2 or 3 Colors

Fairy Wall Pocket - Large - I found these fat larger wonderful gourds and knew they would make a great wall pouch.  I wanted to do them differently than the smaller verson.  The gourd will be totally prepared for you.  There are 2 ½  rows of coiling.  Beads are added in the ½ row at the back of the gourd.  Hand cut leather lacing is four braided to form the handle so that it can hang on a wall.  The ends have matching beads to the variegated threads that you pick. These are the same beads you will add at the back in the ½ row.  These are really fun to make.

Price $28.00

Pick 2 or 3 Colors

Sassy Gourd - You will love making this small gourd into an intriguing basket.  Gourd is cleaned, cut, stained and pre-drilled for you.  You can choose from many, many colors of thread, just let me know which color you want below.  The gourd is also stained in a rusty color to highlight the coiling on top.  The weaving consists of bridges across the opening until you end up with a small neck.  It is fun and easy to do and you will want to make more than one.
Approx size - 3" wide x 2-3/8" tall

Price $20.00

Pick a Color

Sedona Coiled Gourd - This sample gourd has been coiled on, beads added
and also embellished.  The gourd you will receive  has been cleaned inside and
out, stained a rusty color, cut especially for this look and holes drilled for you. 
 You can choose the color that you see in the picture or you can email or call
me with the color you would like - I will add matching beads.  The thread is variegated silk thread - 12 ply (hand painted with dyes).  You will work with
4 ply thread that is lightly waxed.  The beads are added on one and a half rows and follows the outline of the cut away portion.  Once the coiling is done, you will add the hand-cut leather lacing them embellish with the matching beads.  This is fun and you will want to do more than one.  
Approximate size finished: 3-1/2" x 3-1/2".

Price $27.00


Pick 2 or 3 Colors

Pot Bellied Netted Gourd. You can use this as an ornament or set it on a shelf.  A fat
 little gourd is used.  It has been cleaned and stained for you, so that you are ready
to begin right away.  Full instructions for the netting is not only in text, but also 8 sequenced pictures for you to follow.  Hand cut leather lacing becomes the hanger.  
The tails of the hanger are embellished with glass beads and a hand shaped and cut
 leather feather.  The netting is fun and easy to do.     
size - about 3" across and 3" high

Price $ 20.00

Pick a Color
Pick a Color

Shawnee Gourd - In your kit you will receive a gourd that has been cleaned inside and out, cut, shaped, sanded, holes drilled and stained. You also get a solid color of thread and contrasting beads. Hand cut leather lacing adorns the side with a leather feather. The beads are added after the coiling is done. Looks difficult, but it is actually very easy to do and very effective.

Price $26.00

Variegated-Pick 2 or 3 colors

Price $24.00

Price $27.00