Chicopee Tray -This is a uniquely Southwest tray is done in all the favorite warm colors that remind you of Arizona, New Mexico, etc. All of the beads were selected to enhance the colors of the four-ply silk threads. There are both glass and metal beads of several sizes, so the basket also has a textured look, as well. The tray looks difficult at first glance....... but, looks are deceiving. You build the tray, row by row. Once the first beads are in place, it sets the tone for the slightly oval look. A special tool to help you measure precisely is included in your kit. Each "next" set of beads are placed directly over or between the previous set of beads and again, the tool for placement there for you to double-check the spacing.  Designed for the intermediate weaver and above.
5-1/4" across widest point 1/2" deep - depending on the make

Price $38.00

Circle of Friends Tray - It is coiled completely with silk threads that are lightly waxed. Using beads and different threads, the center contains a star patten that is repeated and accentuated several times. This then causes the tray to become five sided when finished. This tray is a wonderful project for the  person who really enjoys coiling and wants to create an heirloom piece. The tray generally takes about 4-6 days to complete. The circle of people are created row by row to "build" the people. A really wonderful connection happens when you add the arms and connect the people together. The tray is done in the Native American colors of tans, black and deep red. The beads used are sterling silver and glass. The tray measures about 6" across. The tray is for the intermediate and advanced weaver who already coils. It is not for the beginning weaver of coiling. An understanding of coiling terms and most of all, a rhythm of wrapping the threads will achieve the best results. Kits come complete with needles, wax, core material, cards of silk thread, picture and written instructions.

Price $36.00

Mimbres Tray I - is a beautiful simplistic tray, it is coiled with silk threads, glass beads and copper rings below the red beads. The black inset thread creates two spiral that encircle the basket, for a stiking effect.  The black inset lights up the copper rings and red beads, so that it is the focal point of the basket. The tray is done in 4ply silk threads that are lightly waxed and measure 3-3/4" across and 1" deep (size will vary slightly). This tray is suggested for the intermediate or above weaver that has done coiled pieces previosly.

Price $30.00

Mimbres Tray II - is a striking basket that is coiled with variegated silk threads and glass beads and measures 3-1/4" across X 1-1/4" deep (size will vary slightly). The black inset thread creates two spirals that encircle the basket, against the variegated background. The black inset lights up the black disc and variegated bead, so that it is the focal point of the basket. The tray is done in 4 ply silk threads that have been lightly waxed. The tray is suggested for the intermediate of above weaver that has done coiled pieces previously

Price $34.00

Mimbres III -Tray is a rich, simplistic tray that is coiled with variegated silk threads, glass beads and brass rings. The variegated thread is in rich jewel tone colors. The purple inset thread creates two spirals that encircle the basket. The glass beads are also variegated in the same colors as the variegated thread. The tray is coiled with 4 ply, lightly waxed threads and measures 3-3/4" across x 1" deep (size will vary slightly). Tray kit is suggested for the intermediate or above weaver that has done coiled pieces previously.

Price $34.00

Nazca Tray - This beautiful tray is coiled with four ply variegated silk thread, with both open and closed coiling. The thread design swirls in a forward direction and the beads swirl in the opposite direction. The variegation in the thread creates many color combination, as you over-stitch the previous row. Basket is suggested for intermediate weavers and above. Previous coiling experience is strongly suggested. The coiling is actually easy, but you must have your tension and spacing correct.  Size 4-3/8" across

Price $30.00

Squash Blossom - It is coiled with 4 ply silk thread that is lightly waxed and measures 4- 1/2" across x 3/4" deep (size may vary slightly). Lotus Blossom is a traditional Native American design that is sometimes seen in their older baskets. The six pointed "star" pattern is an exercise in stacked blocks. A Circle Guide (tool created by Judy) will help you to place each petal in it's exact position, making the petals evenly spaced. Matte glass beads near the outer edge repeat the "look" of the beads within the petal design. This basket is recommended for the more skilled weaver of coiled baskets.

Price $30.00

Turtle Tray -  I designed this turtle several years ago in a very small tray and a necklace.
This is the same turtle, but in a larger version. Many colors to choose from. The turtle is
done in variegated thread and background, in a solid color. Black matte 6/o beads
embellish the outer edge. A marked-up Circle Guide@ to help you place
the head, tail
and legs is included in your kit.  Please give me some idea of the colors you would perfer in the box below for the turtle shell. Kit is recommended for all levels, but some coiling
experience is very helpful. All beads will be black.
Size - 3-3/4" across x 5/8" deep.

Price $23

Tidal Wave - This very striking tray was created one day, when I got the idea to play with a visual effect and this is the result. The contrasting colors really make the design stand out. It can be coiled with either two solid colors or one solid and one variegated color. The pattern is repetitive and easy to follow. You will want to do this again and again. Recommended for all levels, but best if you have had some previous coiling experience.
Measures 3 1/2" wide x 5/8" deep.

Pick 2 or 3 Colors

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