Many Friends - The circle of friends has always been popular since I have been doing it on one of a kind baskets and on the Wild Ponies & Best Friends kit. The people are easy to create and are "built"row by row. The beading on the edge of the pendant is an old Native American way of beading called "frets". It looks hard, but isn't. And........ once you do it, you will want to do it again. The neck cord slides and is adjustable.   

Size 2-3/8" across x flat with slight curve

Starlight is completely coiled over a paper rush core with silk threads that are lightly waxed. It is done with solid black threads, but a different color can be provided upon request. The beauty of this necklace is that it can be worn with casual as well as dressy clothes. The basket necklace contains special black beads, including fire polished, & faceted beads. All of the silver beads are sterling. The necklace starts off round, but changes shape several times. Once the first four beads are in place,  all others are directly over or between them. The neck cord includes "how-to" instructions for making a sliding necklace that is easily adjustable in length. Repeating beads on the neck cord finish off the look. This necklace is not only fun to make, but neat to wear. The necklace measures just over 2-1/2" high x 2-1/4" across.  Kit makes one necklace.

Price $18.00  

Tidal Wave Necklace - Tidal Wave Necklace was created after the Tidal Wave Tray. After making it, I thought it would be neat to be able to wear a necklace with that striking look. Necklace is available in two opposite solid colors or one solid and one variegated color. Matching beads adorn the adjustable neck cord. This is an easy necklace to make. It is repetitive and easily achievable. You will want to make more of them.  Measures 2 3/8" wide x 1/4" deep.

Variegated-Pick 2 or 3 colors
Papago Necklace kit is for two necklaces.  Each is done with 1/2 mm waxed cotton cord over large paper rush.  You can make the necklace larger or smaller according to the size you need.  The necklace is fairly easy to do, but you must have some hand strength or you can use needle nose pliers to pull the needle through.  Each kit comes with a neck cord that matches the pendant and complimenting beads. The neck cord is adjustable to fit every size.  They are fun to make and also to wear.

$22 - for two necklaces
Pick 2 or 3 Colors

Solano Coiled Necklace - A new twist to coiling Necklace has both open and closed coiling. The thread makes spirals in one direction and beads make an opposite spiral. This is so much fun to make - you will want to make more than one. Many variegated threads to choose from - each have matching beads. A sliding, adjustable neck cord is also in a matching color.  Size - 2-1/2 " across

Price $23.00

Coiled Necklace Kits

Pick 2 or 3 Colors

Southwest Turtle Necklace - This timeless symbol of determination is recognizable the world over and now you can wear it around your neck. This is actually a fairly easy pattern to accomplish with a Circle Guide (included in your kit), a few blocks and some well placed stitches. The pendant is basically flat. When the pendant is finished, you will add frets to the edge of your pendant - this is an old Native American technique, which is easy to do. The neck cord slides and is adjustable, for all sizes. You can choose either a black or white background and list several colors and I will find a variegated thread to match your choice.