Adobe Dwelling - I have made this basket over the years as a one-of-a-kind for collectors. It is simple, yet striking. The colors remind me greatly of the old adobe dwellings. Many of them only had a few window openings and many of them were trimmed in turquoise blue paint. Many of the doors were painted this same color. It was so very striking against the earthly adobe. The basket is coiled over larger paper core with turquoise bamboo shaped beads. An inset color of terra cotta sets off the openings and the turquoise beads. This is a relaxing basket to make, with very little shaping. You will learn how to swap threads to create the inner design. Terra cotta colored thread also adorns the top row to tie it together. Basket is for intermediate and above weaver of coiled kits .

2-1/4" high x 2-1/4" across - size will vary with weaver

$ 24.00

Anasazi - This intriguing basket is coiled in cream and black with 4 ply waxed threads, over larger paper rush. A Circle Guide@ is included to help you set your first set of blocks, then the remaining blocks are attached to previous ones. As you go up toward the top, the blocks become larger to create this unique look. Beads at top are black matte faceted glass and catch the light when the basket is turned. Kit is recommended for intermediate weavers of coiling and above.

Size: 2-3/8" across x 1-3/8" deep

Beaded Babies: These brand new baskets are quick and easy to make. A few rows of coiling is done in the bottom center and then you start the beads. If you have never coiled before, this is a good place to start. The baskets are "goof-proof" as they can be any shape you desire and your shape is never wrong. You are supplied with a skein of variegated thread and a card of solid color thread. Each will make a different basket. Matching beads are included with each. You can stop the basket when you reach the desired height and then add a few rows of solid coiling again to finish off the basket. Kit has everything you need except scissors. Kit makes two baskets and is recommended for all levels.
Pick 2 or 3 Colors

Bojalee Coiled Basket measures 3-1/8" across X 1" deep. This basket gets comments where ever I go. It was created in the Spring of 2009, but the kit wasn't released until Feb 2010. It isn't recommended for the beginning weaver of coiling. You do need to have your tension and wrapping skills at a good level. There are various variegated colors to choose from with varying beads. All are pretty combinations.


Pick 2 or 3 Colors

Coiled Beginnings - These baskets were created for the very beginning weaver who wants to learn coiling. The basket, itself, has no design and is coiled with 4 ply thread. The shape may be any shape that you like -every shape is correct. The beaded edging is an old Native American technique. It is a very easy technique and you will want to do it again. A sheet of drawings walks you through getting started and also there is another sheet (drawing) showing you how to do the top beading - called "frets". The kit makes one basket. There are many choices of colors and matching beads.

Tray - 3-3/4" across x 5/8' deep. Basket - 1-3/4" across x 1-1/8 deep
Basket Size and shape may vary depending on the weaver.

Price $16.00
Pick a Color
Cuzco Coiled Basket - A simple stair stepped pattern - just two colors - , but oh, what it says. This striking basket has a definite Southwest look. The kit creates one of the baskets, your choice of the six or eight stair stepped design. A Circle Guide@ helps you to create them perfectly, so that they are evenly spaced. This basket is for the experienced coiler. Having your tension under control and your wrapping skills without overlapping are the keys to this basket.

Large - 2-1/2" across - 1-3/8 deep Small 2-1/8" across X 1-1/4 deep.

$ 24.00
The Gathering - This wonderful basket just speaks of friendship and bonding in any language. The basket is done entirely in just two colors of cream and black. It is a simple design, yet so striking. This kit is recommended for the experienced weaver of coiling who has a firm handle on tension, spacing and neatness. The shape is truly a bowl rather than a tray. The swirling blocks are initially set up with a @Circle Guide, which comes in your kit. A diagram, plus written instructions help you build the people row by row. Once the basket is finished, the X design is added onto the rim. Materials are large paper rush and 4 ply silk thread. Size: 5-1/4" x 1-1/4" deep.

Palisades: This striking basket is done in Mermaid Shimmer thread that is hand painted with dyes to get the beautiful range of colors from teal blue to lime green. It reminds you of water. The beads that come with your kit match these colors exactly and are the same range of colors. The solid black against the blue/green background is most striking. Within the black outline is the variegated beads. Handle is put on without ever cutting the core material, except at the very end. This basket is recommended for intermediate weavers of coiling and above.
Size 2-1/4" high x 2-1/8" across

$ 28.00

Pawnee Sprout Basket - This basket was created in the fall of 2009. Where ever I have taken it, it is picked up and loved on. This is my first kit with a lid. The basket and lid are done in variegated thread that matches. It is done with open coiling - like many pine needle baskets. The core is larger paper rush. Bottom and top are started in same way. Bottom basket will be finished before making lid, so that it fits properly. The sprout coming out the top is added afterward and capped with a black hexed/faceted bead. This is a fun basket to make. Size 3" High x 2-1/2" Across (with lid)

$ 28.00

Wild Ponies and Best Friends consists of two pieces. Figures can be interchanged at your discretion. This set came about as many people like the pieces I did with the people or horses. This is a more simple variation of those figures. A circle guide is included to help you place beads and figures in a structured pattern. Wild Ponies measures 1 -1/2" x 1/2 " and Best Friends measures 1-1/2" 1-1/4" - sizes will vary with the weaver. This kit is recommended for all levels of coiling.
th slight curve

$ 24.00